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Our mission

Our message is simple: we want to grow and sell the most amazing plants on the planet. And we want to do this while the training future stars of our industry through dynamic and highly-practical horticultural training opportunities for young people aged 18-24 years olds.


We started AP Homegrown because we believe that a career in horticulture can provide a truly rewarding future for young people. We also believe that with the amazing range of plants and incredible breadth of talent and knowledge at Architectural Plants, our nursery has everything we need to showcase all that is brilliant about our industry and help to inspire new generations of skilled and motivated young people to join our mission.  

Our long-term aim is for AP Homegrown to become a fully self-sufficient social enterprise making surplus, not profit, generated through the sale of plants grown by our very own apprentices and through the delivery of landscape garden services to private and commercial clients. This surplus would then be reinvested to further develop our training offer and provide more opportunities to young people interested in a career in horticulture.


Here's why we do it:

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To promote horticulture as a vital, viable, and vibrant career path for young people in the UK

To develop a highly-skilled, qualified and motivated workforce ready to lead in horticulture for years to come

To support all of the young people we work with into work or further training in the horticultural industry



Architectural Plants

AP Homegrown is based out of the Architectural Plants nursery, an award-winning specialist plant nursery near Pulborough in West Sussex with a reputation for selling rare and unique plants and trees, and designing and planting exceptional gardens. 


All young people who become part of AP Homegrown will get the chance to work with, and learn from, AP's dedicated and plant obsessed team of horticulturalists.


If you make it onto one of our horticultural apprenticeships you will get the chance to join the planting teams at Architectural Plants, gaining valuable experience and knowledge while installing the most breath-taking designs with the most exciting plants available in the UK. You will further develop your plant knowledge by working with AP's nursery production team with a chance to apply their new horticultural knowledge in client-facing situations by spending time with the horticultural sales team.

We are not a normal plant nursery. Anyone who gets to work at AP will experience an inspirational and fast-paced environment the enables you to develop the knowledge and resilience required for a long and successful career in the horticultural industry.

Check out to find out more about  life working with plants.

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